This is a base site for the set of Augmented Reality tools, that enable architects, designers and digital fabricators to tap into potential of the Mixed Reality Environment enhancing the creative process.

The tool consists of two parts:

For the moment HoloFab supports Microsoft Hololens and Android devices with ARCore enabled.



We are an international team of architects passionate about integrating Technology in Architecture. All three of us passed through Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia where the seeds of the project began.



For the moment the tool is in beta stage of development. Latest releases:

This is an opensource project. You can find sources here:

You can also check out latest examples and updates of the projects in our news feed. Here is the latest one:


If you have faced any problems or have any suggestions please consult Issues and plans to see our plans first. Feel free to let us know which features are you missing in our tool.

For any proposals, suggestions or bugs as well as positive feedback :) found feel free to contact us.